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Hello toddler 2 families and welcome to terrific Tuesday! We have had a very busy day of fun and learning and it is lovely to see our new friends Ellie and Georgina settling in nicely and the rest of our friends making them feel welcomedJ

We had some fun outside exploring the garden and watching the big garbage truck collect our bins Liam, Taytn, Blake and Ming went running to the fence to see him the driver gave all of the children a wave “hiiiiiiii” said Sophie and she waved as high as she could “big truck” said Eve and Taytn. As he drove off he honked his horn and the children were very excited to hear that!

Eve, Sophie and Hollie were the best of friends today playing well with each other “Cant catch me” said Eve to Miss Katherine and as miss Katherine started chasing them around the garden Hollie, Sophie and Lucy were laughing and trying to catch Miss Katherine. Hollie hid in the tee pee and Sophie hid in the corner of the fence when Miss Katherine said “BOOOO” they all started laughing and screaming and ran away again!

Georgina, Sophie, Hollie and Dylan had fun in the mud kitchen Dlyan was banging on the bowl and Miss Stef was stomping her feet to the beat, when Dylan stopped banging miss Stef would stop her feet and Dylan would begin to laugh. Lucy also joined in the fun and started banging her pot with a spoon ”whooooaaaa” she said at the loud noise it was making.

Inside we had some fun with the shells sorting them into different containers and using our fine motor movements to transfer them into different containers using spoons and tongs.

We sang the alphabet song which everyone is doing really well with and Karina sang us twinkle twinkle little star and baa baa black sheep.

Thanks for a lovely day Toddler 2 friends, have a lovely night!!! Sorry of you don’t get the photos tonight we are having some internet issues but you can have a look on our slideshow on the laptop!!!