This morning was nice and warm so the children took advantage of the good weather and burnt off their energy playing in the yard. Carter, Jude and Chen yi enjoyed playing on the green frogs, the toddlers rocked back and forth pretending to hop into their lily ponds. Michael, Adam and Alby played with the lawn mowers and trucks. Remi and Emilia bonded on the fort and took turns going down the slide. When Maddy arrived she enjoyed cuddles with Mr lachie. Connor, Pia and Levi took turns on the wooden bikes and balancing boards. After our big play in the sun the children cooled down with some delicious morning tea of yoghurt and fruits.

This morning for group time Mr Lachie amazed the children with captivating stories about assorted animals. The children enjoyed identifying the sounds to lions, birds and elephants and successfully identified each creature. Next, the children did their routine songs:

  • Days of the week
  • Aboriginal acknowledgment
  • Greeting song

To finish up the group time Mr Lachie discussed the activities of the day. for group time we enjoyed a calm and relaxing classroom.

Inside the toddlers were absorbed in water play:

  • Mikey, Alby, Carter, Pia, Connor, Levi, Chen yi , Jude, Adam, remi, Emilia and Elsa loved the water play and extended on their learning by utilizing the syringes, pom-poms and paddle pops in their play. The children loved experimenting with these items and spent most of the time creating a purpose for it. Carter and Alby added containers to collect their heuristic tools. Well done toddlers!
  • Outside Remi, Emilia, Elsa, Connor, Maddy, Adam and Jude loved playing on the net and in the home corner with the blocks. The children got creative and used the blocks symbolically as different types of food.

As the children floated from these 2 activities they also enjoyed self selection of:

  • Blocks
  • Animals
  • Home corner
  • Book corner

Over all its been a beautiful day. Thank you for all the beautiful presents. We are so lucky and appreciate every thoughtful gift. Much love

Miss Des’ree, Miss Dakota and Mr Lachie