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Hello beautiful families.

Another wet morning to start our day so with our toddler 1 friends we enjoyed some Easter activities indoors. At the drawing table using crayons and pencils on pink paper. The children had fun with the little egg cups and matching them together. Today we were excited about the Easter show but due to the rain is now cancelled until next Tuesday. Miss Kim and Miss Kate came for a visit and enjoyed some activities with the children.

Our classroom was abundant in activities today with children working to complete easter craft for their families. We also began a BIG new sustainable project, over the coming week we will be working on construction of our very own Eiffel Tower using lots of recycled egg cartons, our children to begin painting some of the foundations for this project. This project is a beginning of and extension of Miss Aurelie’s French language group times we have been doing, with our class planning on building a French experience area for our classroom helping to broaden our understanding of this amazing culture! Miss Maya joined us today and we had lots of fun dancing with her and Miss Sue.

Our group time today began by looking out of the windows at the rain, we talked about what we could see and how the rain made us feel, and how does rain feel? “WET”, we then practiced our daily routine songs, “Good morning song” and “Days of the week”. The children then gathered around for a story time with Miss Rochelle, we read about the adventure of the Easter bunny coming to Australia, we have been reading this book over the past 2 weeks and its popularity is growing everyday with children’s understanding of the Easter season. It was then the children’s choice for a song time together, we shared input and chose together the songs we would be singing, our choices were as follows, The wheels on the bus and Old Macdonald, 5 little fishes etc…

Thank you so much everyone for today !!

Miss Sue, Miss Rochelle and Miss Aurelie