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Hello Toddler2 families and welcome to this beautiful Autumn day!! We have enjoyed the outdoors this morning exploring the garden and watching the big removalist truck across the road loading up the truck with furniture “Big truck” said Blake and Liam, the children watched it as it crawled up the hill Miss Katherine told them that the truck was very heavy as it had a lot of furniture in it and that it was being taken to a new house. Blake then spotted the garbage truck arrive and all of the children came running to the fence to see it as the driver hopped out of the truck he waved at all of the children watching from the gate “Hiiiiiiiii” said Sophie as she was waving Ming and Liam were also waving at the truck as the garbage bins were lifted high above the truck the children watched fascinated by how high it could be lifted. As the driver got back in his truck he tooted the horn and all of the children were screaming excitedly waving as he left.

Inside we had group time with Miss Katherine we sang the 5 cheeky monkey’s puppet song and Blake did an awesome job at counting backwards as did Eve, and Jin. We then practiced our Japanese version of twinkle twinkle little star Himaley, Sophie and Lucy all sang so loudly and it is great to see the children starting to learn more and more words in Japanese.

We then had some fun with the playdough Karina, loved using the cutters to cut through the playdough and then put the pieces that she had cut into little cups.

Don’t forget about our bridal shower/ teddy bears picnic this Thursday for Miss Katherine, bring along your favourite teddy bear!!

 Have a lovely evening see you tomorrow 🙂DSC01041 DSC01040 DSC01039 DSC01036 DSC01062 DSC01058 DSC01055 DSC01049 DSC01048 DSC01047 DSC01046 DSC01044 DSC01043 DSC01042

Miss Katherine, Miss Amy and Miss Yumika