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Today the children enjoyed playing in Toddlers 1 room, they like to explore the toys, books, play areas etc. Alby, ChenYi, Remi and Levi were very interested in the working table, using the tools to screw and unscrew, hammers, etc. Jude, Adam, Carter, Emilia and Michael loved to use the animals in the farm and dinosaurs, they separate them into farm animals and wild animals. Sadie, Connor, Shylie and Elsa used the bbq area and the tea table to cook and sit near the tent to eat. They also played outside in the sandpit, Adam, Jude, ChenYi, Michael and Sadie were baking chocolate cakes in the oven. Levi, Carter and Emilia did some races with the bikes around the yard. We went inside at 9 to enjoy our last day of Art therapy 😊

Miss Veronica read a book called Stone soup, they children talked about what would they add to the soup top make it really nice and yummy, so everyone collaborate in the soup making. After the story they laid on the floor to do some meditation, the children were very quiet and relaxed.

Then we head to the toilet to wash hands and have  progressive morning tea as some children do art therapy, today they used veggies as stamps to create forms and shapes on a colour paper.

For activity time the children enjoyed self selected activities:

Outside Miss Des’ree set up a water play obstacle course that encouraged the children to balance and not slip. Michael, Remi, Emilia, Carter, Chen-yi, Levi, Connor, Jude and Maddy loved the cool water on their feet and splashed around. Everyone has big beautiful smiles and loved cooling down.

Inside Miss Dakota offered a snowman activity to keep with the childrens Christmas theme alive. Mikey, Pia, Levi, Alby, Remi, Elsa, Shylie, Adm, Sadie and Jude enjoyed this experience and added hats, scarfs, stick arms and carrot noses to their picture. Well done toddlers!


After activity time the children took care of their classroom and packed away

Over all its been a wonderful day

Miss Des’ree Miss Marina and Miss Dakota