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Hello Toddler 2 families and welcome back after our long weekend. Today we welcome our new teacher Miss Sue who we are very happy to join our Toddler 2 team she has already built some trusting relationships with some of the children which is fantastic! She also brought in some of our favourite things PUPPETS!!!

 Ming told us that he went to the football on the weekend to watch the Gold Coast Suns and that he did lots of clapping  and showed Miss Katherine how loud he could clap, Miss Katherine did the same thing has her football team one yesterday 🙂

This morning Miss Sue did a beautiful group time and had her audience captivated with her puppets “Miss Polly” and the little green frogs Eve wanted to be Miss Susan’s little assistant as she loves being the teacher so she was feeling very chuffed with herself helping to sing the song on the teacher chair.

Liam and Dylan were making friends playing peek a boo in the tepee, Dylan would poke his head out of the tepee and then Liam would jump out from behind the tent and say “a boo” Blake was loving the playdough he sat there with Ming, Lucy, Sophie and Jin they were banging the playdough and laughing together, Miss Katherine helped them make some little ducks and sang the 5 little ducks song. “quack quack” said. Ming

Karina was having a great time at the puzzle table she did a very great job at trying to fit in the number pieces of the puzzle Miss Katherine counted the numbers that she could see on the puzzle.DSC00485 DSC00486 DSC00487 DSC00488 DSC00490 DSC00496 DSC00498

Miss Katherine, Miss Sue and Miss Yumiko