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Happy Tuesday friends! This morning some of friends helped set up the yard

  • Alby pointed out the mowers and said, “I want mower” and placed the mowers out near the slide
  • Michael and Zoe opened the sandpit and took out the buckets and shovels from the cupboard
  • Sadie and Pia kept themselves busy using the babies and their prams. Sadie told her educator “we going to the park, come on Pia”

At 9am it was time for art therapy. we made our way inside with our toddler 1 friends to sit on the matt for a group time with Miss Veronica. We read story about using our gentle hands on our friends. The toddlers did a quick meditation where they were asked to imagine what makes them feel sad, happy and angry. Elsa demonstrated our gentle hands for Miss Veronica.

Shylie asked for “music?” and chose the song dance monkey to dance to. Shylie invited her friends Elsa and Emilia to join her.

While we took turns with our art activity, the toddlers who were waiting had a picnic for morning tea outside with their toddlers 1 friends

(LO1, LO2 and LO3- Child Initiated: the children enjoy helping set the yard and enjoy role playing with their friends. The toddlers danced to the songs and used a mixture of gross motor and fine motor skills)

GROUP TIME: For group time today the toddlers sat like big children with their legs crossed and their hands in their laps. To start the morning off we did our routine:

  • The days of the week
  • Aboriginal greeting
  • Weather observation

Next, Michael taught the children a witch song that went like this

“ 1 little witch out for lunch, 1 little witch out for lunch, 1 little witch out for lunch, 1 little witch is eating” (the tune of the song was to 5 little Indians) the toddlers continued to sing the song and counted up to five. Well done! To finish up the group time Miss Des’ree explained the activities on the table and the children transitioned to the song 5 hot cross buns.

(LO5: group time is child and teacher initiated. The children are effective communicators and learn new ways of expressing themselves such as creating a song for others to sing)



During activity time the children participated in the activities that interested them the most.

  • Maddie, Connor, Pia, Levi, Shylie and Elsa went off with Miss Kim for their gymnastics lesson. Miss Kim said they all did a wonderful job at listen and following her instructions. Well done friends! We are so proud!
  • At the table Michael, Chen yi, Sadie, Emilia, Adam, Rafi, Carter and Miss Dakota created some delicious Halloween cupcakes! Together the class observed the effects of combining assorted ingredients together to produce a dessert. The children did a wonderful job at taking turns and loved cooking
  • On the mat Miss Des’ree brought out the slime! Sadie, Zoe, Connor, Carter, Alby, Remi and Jude got their hands in the mixture and enjoyed the different textured foam. We used the Halloween pumpkins and mini ghost buckets to lift, pour and drop the slime in and out of the tub. Some friends couldn’t resist and stuck their feet into the pot to feel the foam on the toes
  • Maddie, Sadie, Pia, Elsa and Shylie role-played in-home corner they gathered up their ingredients and pretended to make cakes, hot chocolates and muffins. (LO2: children enjoy role play activities and are connected to their world)
  • When lunch was almost ready everyone went outside to explore the obstacle courses that MR lachie created

LO3 and LO4: the toddlers are engaged with their environment and enjoy extending their learning in different areas such as science (slime/foam and cooking experience). Activity time is child and teacher initiated – the children learn to explore their world with their senses and enjoy their discoveries)

Over all its been a great day filled with numerous learning opportunities

See you all tomorrow

Miss Des’ree, Miss Dakota, Miss Larisa  and Mr Lachie


Please LABEL all your childs items.  We are not accountable for any toys from home that get lost or broken so please leave them at home. We are encouraging the children to take responsibility for their belongs by leaving their toys at home and to play with the toys at kindy. Thank you for all your support. Toddlers 2 xx


We are having a halloween day! Tuesday 27th of october and Friday 30th of October. Please come dressed in a halloween outfit for some fun activities, face paint and baking!

Parent teacher interviews will be Monday 23rd of November 3:30pm – 5pm

Our christmas party will be Wednesday 2nd of December at 10 – 11am

The children will be offered christmas activities, songs and dancing . hope to see you all there