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Hello Toddler 2 families welcome back we hope that you all had a lovely Easter break! We welcome our new friend Karina who has joined our Toddler 2 family!!

This morning during group time Eve spotted some lorikeets out the window “birdie” she said we all then stood up to look out the window to see if we could see any other birds, “oooohhhh” said Sophie pointing at one that flew past, this lead to a discussion about where birds live and what the look like, Miss Katherine showed the children some feathers from the craft box and explained that this is what a bird might feel like, Alex pointed to the trees as Miss Katherine said that is where birds live in a nest in a tree.

After a delicious morning tea we got stuck into some craft, as we were interested in the birds flying around outside we did some feather pasting Eve, Jin, Alex, Sophie, Charlize, Karina, Himaley, Taytn and Blake  all loved using the glue sticks and looking at the pretty patterns on the feathers “green” said Eve as she picked up a feather “pink one” she asked Miss Katherine asked Eve to see if she could find a pink feather Himaley picked out a pink feather and gave it to Eve, great teamwork girls!!

Karina loved reading the books on her first day she was particularly interested in the book with the animals we sang old MacDonald had a farm after we read the story “mooo” said Blake and Sophie.

We then had a delicious lunch and a well earned rest!!

See you tomorrow J

Miss Katherine and Miss Camila