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Toddlers 2 – Tuesday 30th June 2020

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Hello Toddlers Two families!

This morning the yard was filled with child initiated activities we observed:
– Mikey, Adam, Alby and Apollon explore the red trikes.

-ChenYi, Jai,Ella, Remi and Jude enjoy the sandpit and the buckets, they were looking for rocks to decorate their creations.

-Shylie, Arlo, Levi and Connor were helping Miss Marina to cook some breakfast in the home corner, Alby and Jai joined after and were saying “too hot Miss Marina, blow” (O.1.Children explore different identities and points of view in the dramatic play, they work collaboratively with others and contribute to shared play experiences)

We had a progressive morning tea and the children enjoyed playing outside and coming inside to eat, when finished they kept playing in the new outdoor area that we have: using the climbing net, the big Lego blocks and the London Bridge with cars.

For activity time we explored the English culture to finish up the childrens interest in the London bridge.

  • at the table Miss Gillian (our British muse) made cucumber sandwiches with Remi, Michael, Adam, Michael, Apollon, Pia, Jai, Jude, Ella, Arlo and Levi. They really enjoyed the experience of spreading the butter on the bread and adding the cucumber. (O.2: They respond to diversity with respect , as they are exploring the diversity of culture, traditions, and getting to understand English culture)(O.3: Children are increasing responsibility fir their own health and physical wellbeing, as engaging in increasingly complex sensory motor skills, developing his fine motor skills using cutlery for different purposes)
  • Outdoors we ha the London bridge we all built together the last past weeks, we had cars to use and Apollon, ChenYi, Michael, Adam, Jai, Arlo and Jude had fun going under the bridge and pretending races and crashes. (O.4: They are transfering what they’ve learn from one context to another, making connections between experiences and engaging in learning relationships)(O.5: Al of them engaged in verbal and non verbal communication, constructing messages with with purpose and confidence)
  • We also set up the big Lego blocks to do some building linked to the London Bridge. Connor, Shylie, Remi, Ella, Alby and Levi were building towers and tryng to make a bridge as well. (O.3, they all manipulate equipment and manage tools with increasing competence and skill).

We all had a great and busy day 🙂

Se you all tomorrow.

Miss Des’ree, Miss Dakota, Miss Gillian and Miss Marina.


Written by elctoddlers2

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