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Good afternoon to all of our wonderful families,

We have had a lovely day today engaging with lots of fun activities together. Miss Sue had lots more of her special easter stickers on hand ready for our children to decorate their easter bunny ears, we had lots of fun with this and demonstrated some amazing fine motor skills with the peeling of the stickers. We also set ourselves a another little tong activity where our children had the opportunity to practice picking up lots of coloured easter eggs, this proved a little tricky for some of us with the shape being quite different and bigger than objects we have practiced with in the past, we persevered with this activity with lots of us experiencing success!! We have also used the plastic coloured eggs to practice our colour recognition skills and used them in a matching activity matching the colours into pairs. Lots of fun in our home corner today taking care of our pretend babies, children extended on our easter egg tong activity by feeding our pretend babies some easter eggs:) such a magical role play experience. Book corner was also utilized for some quiet calm time with many children independently exploring our books.

Thank you toddlers two for a wonderful day!!!

Miss Sue and Miss Rochelle xoxo