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Hello beautiful families

Welcome back from another long weekend and to Happy Tuesday at the hills with the toddler 2 adventures. Our morning outdoors was a busy one spent in the sandpit, the children were enjoying being together. After a long week end some children liked to get more cuddles at the drop off. One of the children found a worm and so we went on a worm hunt. At the moment we have been interested in leaves and nature. Autumn is a wonderful time of year as we discover lot’s of vibrant colours with the trees and leaves changing. We sang along with Miss Stacey and our toddler 1 friends to Baby Shark and Slippery Fish before our morning tea.

Miss Rochelle set up some Mother’s Day activities as we are getting close to finishing them. On another table, the children all had fun making another surprise for their Mum’s with miss Sue. The home area was popular with the cooking items and the dolls. The train table was enjoyed too. The children had so much fun also drawing on the black board sticked on the ground. They could also enjoyed other activities like

  • Puzzles
  • Home corner
  • Book and literacy area
  • Cars and trucks
  • Threading boards

Before our next group time Miss Aurelie with the children did the Chicken dance and some Macerana groovy moves.   As we are getting closer to Mother’s Day Miss Sue read some special books about why we love our mums. Spot loves his mum, I love mum and the Hungry Caterpillar loves his mum. As the pages were turned we asked what animals we could see. The children called out to the Platypus that they saw and  pointed to the Koalas and the kangaroos. Great listening everyone.

Thank you very much for a great day.

Miss Sue, miss Rochelle and miss Aurelie