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Hello beautiful families,

Second day of the year, and we are all settling down very well. We had such a beautiful morning all together and everybody was happy. The children did some artwork with miss Rochelle. They kept on doing the handprint for their first day in Toddlers room. Meanwhile Everybody else was exploring the room to find their favourite activity or toy. The Children enjoyed to play with the mail box and play in the home corner. They liked to roll the wooden school bus, and built tower with the Legos. They loved baking cookies in the barbecue…

Then Miss Sue did an amazing group time introducing Danny the dinosaur with big teeth who likes to check if we are all brushing our teeth, and the orange soft snake joined us with his friends the green frog and the little bee. The children loved listening to miss Sue Stories and then they enjoyed to play with the Muppets. Children used role play and dress up. We listened to some music and dance like no ones is watching. That’s was awesome to discover the children’s moves. The room has been filled with laughs and smiles today.

Thank you very much. we are excited for the see the rest of the week unfold.

Miss Sue, Miss Rochelle and miss Aurelie