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This morning the children enjoyed the outdoors! It wasn’t too hot this morning, so the Mikey, Adam, Remi and Connor utilized this opportunity to explore the obstacle course. On the bikes Levi, Alby, Chen yi, Jude and Pia rode around the yard and exercised their gross motor skills. Shylie and Elsa read stories on the mat then ventured off to find babies and prams. Maddy played with the musical instruments and sung “twinkle, twinkle little star”. When it was time to go inside the children came in for some delicious morning tea of fruits and yogurt.
This morning Mr Lachie lead the group time. we made sure to start off with our daily routine songs:
– Days of the week – Pia correctly identified the day as Tuesday and then went on to talk about the weather outside and the rain at her house last night
– Aboriginal acknowledgment – Adam asked if he could stand up in front of the class today and help lead
Today as a class we read a book called ‘when I’m feeling angry’ and everyone showed such great listening ears throughout the story. Carter and Alby enjoyed showing off their grumpy faces to the class and getting everyone else to join in, this was super funny to them. Emilia and Remi engaged in conversations about the images in the book and sharing their thoughts with the class. For activity time:
– Connor, Madelyn, Rafii, Jude, Levi, Elsa and Pia headed off for tumble tots gymnastics. The children enjoyed the class can came back with sticks and smiles on their face
– Outside Mikey, Adam, Elsa, Shylie, Rafi, Emilia and Remi helped Miss Des’ree clean the chairs, tables and toys. As a class we made sure all our surfaces were squeaky clean
– Inside Miss Dakota and Miss Marina did a little science and created moon sand for Jude, Levi, Carter, Maddy and Alby to explore. The toddlers love their sensory activities and are absorbed with the different textures. To make moon sand we combined corn flour and baby oil.

Over all its been a wonderful day
Have a lovely night
Miss Des’ree, Miss Marina, Miss Dakota and Mr lachie