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Hello and welcome to Happy Tuesday at the hills with more adventures with the toddler 2 room. Due to the wet start to the morning we began with some play on the nets with our toddler 1 friends. So much fun as we we were very excited to see Spotty return with Pip and Birdie and we loved hearing and reading about his adventures with you. How lovely for him to visit the sunshine coast. Thank you for giving him lot’s of cuddles. Nyah sat with Miss Rochelle and put the shell to her ear as she listened to the sounds of the sea. Tumble tots time for Summer, Rafii, Connie and Everly. After morning tea Miss Rochelle and Miss Aurelie set up more Easter art and craft activities. Everly, Connie, Imogen, Darcy, Isla, Summer, Maxi, Maddy, Samuel, Francesca, Nyah, Carter and Rafii all enjoyed. Pip and Birdie were very happy with the dolls and putting them to bed.

More new activities as we prepared our new garden area with the wheelbarrow and wooden gardening tools. We also have a fairy garden with lady bugs, mushrooms and flowers. This is an extended interest from our real plants from the discovery garden. We have been watering them and putting them out for some sunlight. We will be taking them home as soon as they begin to sprout seeds!!! The children will also have their own garden book to keep. Before lunch we danced to the Wiggles and listened to Hush Little Possum. Peppa Pig was another story and we all enjoyed Sneezy Shark with the Pirate Monkey and even Miss Polly came along . As we all rowed in our boats to wash our hands it was time to have lunch and get ready for a well deserved sleep ZZZzzz Night night sweet dreams toddlers and thank you all for a wonderful day filled with love, laughter and learning love from Miss Sue, Miss Rochelle and Miss Aurelie OXOXOXXOXOXOXOXO

Enjoy the photos with your families and take care with love from the toddler 2 team OXOXOXXOXOXOXO