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Hello to our wonderful families,


This morning in the yard we had a wall art set up for the children to express their creativity. They enjoyed drawing standing up on the rocks with the crayons. The lawn mowers were very busy this morning going up and down the fort. The children also liked riding their bikes around the yard. Then we had a group time outside singing songs and dancing, we stomped our feet on the ground and clapped our hands.

The children enjoyed some fruits and jelly for morning tea and then we dove into our activities. Easter is approaching and we have started some project with the children. Painting the Easter bunny was a lot of fun this morning and they also had their footprint done with miss Roya and Miss Rochelle. Meanwhile the children could have a free play in the room and liked to spend some time in the home corner looking after the dolls, but also the book corner reading new adventures of frozen and Dora.

Miss Sue gathered with the children on the mat for a VIP puppet show then. All the guests came to visit the children today, Rainbow monkeys, Dino the dinosaur, the frog… She also read 2 new books, Where’s Bo the caterpillar and Mylo Monkey’s Tale.

Thank you so much for today, see you all tomorrow for new adventures

Much love

Miss Sue, Mis Rochelle and Miss Aurelie