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Welcome to another Wednesday in the Toddlers 2 room!

This morning Michael, Alby, Remi and Emmy decided to explore the nail board with the elastic bands. The toddlers stretched the elastics to create shapes and lines on the board. While some friends practice their fine motor development Bowie, Emmy and Chen yi chose to play in home corner with the dry ingredients, pots and pans. Around 8 am the toddlers packed away the classroom and headed outside to the yard for some gross motor activities. Levi as always found the closest bike and used his legs to move the machine around the yard. Claudia, Bowie, Connor, Ava, Rafi and Millie played dress-ups and chose to dress-up as Santa. Shylie, Elsa, Emmy and Remi located the babies and put them in the strollers and took them over to the garden to pick flowers. Maddy spent the morning playing with the lawn mower and cutting the grass for her friends. Thank you Maddy!

At 9 am Michael, Chen yi, Alby, Aubry, Ava and Remi went to gymnastics.

After out big morning play the toddlers came inside for some delicious morning tea of fruits and toast.


Please LABEL all your childs items.  We are not accountable for any toys from home that get lost or broken so please leave them at home. We are encouraging the children to take responsibility for their belongs by leaving their toys at home and to play with the toys at kindy. Thank you for all your support. Toddlers 2 xx

QA 6 – Collaborative partnerships with families and communities


Parent teacher interviews will be Monday 23rd of November 3:30pm – 5pm

Our christmas party will be Wednesday 2nd of December at 10 – 11am

The children will be offered christmas activities, songs and dancing . hope to see you all there

Please don’t forget to collect your raffle tickets, they are in your child bag. Thank you

QA 7 – Leadership and service management