September 11, 2019 Toddlers 2 No Comments

Hello toddlers families we hope you had a great day. This morning we got underway with a nice big play in our very windy yard. We had all our favorite things to play with. We decided to stay out a bit longer and do a famous Miss Sue group time with both toddler rooms. When we came inside we had some delicious berry and coconut pudding before getting a start on our activities. Today we decided to let the children make their own choices. We set out some play dough and cutting and gluing activities but we really left the children to their on devices in making a choice. We saw some great communication between the children and learning independent skills. Some children had their gymnastics lesson with Miss Kim during this time. We went for a nice big run and play outside before having some chicken and veggie melts for lunch. After our lunch and rest time we had a nice big dance before going outside to enjoy the afternoon.

Miss Elizabeth Mr Lachie Miss Marina


Written by elctoddlers2