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Welcome to wonderful Wednesday toddler 2 families we have had a great day today we are all loving this beautiful autumn weather and spent the morning outdoors playing with bubbles with Miss Katherine and Miss Jo until more of our friends arrived. When Liam arrived he came and had a cuddle with Miss Katherine as he was feeling a little bit sad when daddy said goodbye but then spotted a lawn mower and jumped off her lap “ooooh” he said pointing to the mower. Taytn and Blake were giving each other cuddles at random which was very cute they then went exploring in the herb garden smelling all of the different herbs, Lennox loved the mowers too pushing it around on the grass.  We then had a group time with our other toddler friends singing songs before we transitioned inside for morning tea.

After morning tea Miss Katherine found some boxes that Hollie’s mum brought in for craft. Lennox, Blake, Jasper and Taytn are loving the dinosaurs and zoo animals at the moment so Miss Katherine helped them to create a dinosaur cave which they loved Lennox, Blake and Jasper sat there making dinosaur sounds “rooooaaarrrrr” they said Jasper noticed the sharp teeth on the t-rex  “he has teeth” he said. Over at the train set Dylan did a fantastic job at connecting the tracks together by himself and moving the trains along the track.

With the remaining boxes Miss Katherine asked the children what they wanted to do with them “painting” said Hannah “Evie paint too” said Eve, Sophie, Joice, Hannah, Eve and Liam all happily painted together it was interesting to watch some of the children paint the outside of the box and some children painted the inside of their box, we also had the magic brush painting out back by popular demand, Charlize, Eve and Hannah took part in this!

It was then time for yoga with Miss Lauren all the children were happy to see her running up to her for cuddles. Sophie took charge and started to give all of her friends a yoga mat each and ushering them to sit down which was very helpful and cute! We practiced our yoga breathing blowing our feathers so that the children can see their breath moving the feather as they exhaled, we then went on to do our different yoga poses Ming one of our new friends was exceptional in his first class, Eve, Blake, Joice, Hannah, Charlize, Jasper, Liam, Sophie, Taytn, Alex, Dylan and Lennox all tried their best to practice the more difficult yoga poses  Hannah was helping our new friend Lennox, encouraging him to sit on her mat and she was helping him lift his hands up and down when were stretching what a great friend Hannah 🙂

Thanks for a fantastic day little friends see you tomorrow 🙂DSC00207

Miss Katherine, Miss Camila and Mr Blair