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Hello and welcome to Happy Wednesday with some more Toddler 2 adventures. Outdoors on the bridge pip and Birdie were all smiles as they were happy to see their friend Luna and Maddie was enjoying a ride on the red bike. Manny also spent some time on the bike.  Before morning tea we all sat with our toddler 1 friends as Miss Stacey sang some of our favourite songs especially the Wheels on the Bus. After morning tea Miss Rochelle made some Green play dough at the table and just like Birds to the Honey pot, Summer, Lenny, Arianna, Ava, Carter, Mateo, Maxi, Manny, Hugh, Archie, Luna, Isla, Everly, Pip, Birdie, Maddie, Zac and Annie were showed interest with this wonderful experience. Please enjoy the photos as you relax this evening. Bubble fun as we chased them around the garden. The sandpit was a popular place to be as we enjoyed play with the trucks.

On the mat Miss Aureile sat with some of the children as they played the Gruffalo game on the mat. Miss Alex joined us today and sat building the leggo blocks with the children.  Lot’s of choice from our self help shelves. Miss Rochelle read some stories before we all enjoyed our lunch. Thank you toddlers for an amazing day filled with love, laughter and learning. Have a beautiful evening with your families. Please keep the Diversity homework coming in thank you. We love your input and would love to see your family photos also. Take care with love from Miss Sue, Miss Rochelle and Miss Aureilie OXOXXOXOXOXOXOXO