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Hello beautiful families,

What a wonderful day we had in Toddlers 2, full of adventures and discoveries. The children enjoyed greeting each other coming up in the yard this morning and straight away started riding their bikes and chasing the balls. The brightness of these days are amazing and we’re all enjoying our outdoor time. Few friends went to the gym then we went inside for the morning tea. This morning we had rockmelon and green apple with a raw slice made with coconut. The children loved it.


The children carried on with the painting activity for mothers day. While others children helped miss Aurelie to put the EiffelTower on the wall. Once everybody finished we put some sunscreen on and hats and went back outside for an adventurous walk. Each child had a little cardboard basket to collect leaves and flowers they could find in the yard. They loved exploring the ground and discovering the colours of Autumn. Then when the baskets were full we came back inside and sticked the leaves on the cubbyhouse. They were so enthusiastic and really enjoyed to do it themselves.

For the group time miss Sue and the children had fun dancing to the wiggles.  There was still lots of energy in everyone and we saw great moves. Then she read Isla’s book named Chooky-doodle-doo. The children could practice their counting listening to the story.

We had such a great day thank you so much for all your beautiful smiles.

Love from miss Sue, miss Rochelle and miss Aurelie