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Hello Toddler 2 families and welcome to Wednesday we have had another fabulous day with lots of friends coming to play!

This morning outside Eve, Hollie, Sophie and some of the children from the toddler 1 class were being the teachers sitting on the balance beam and singing songs, Eve lead the way with open shut them and they all did the actions together it was very cute to watch!!Ming, Liam, Dlyan, Blake and Taytn were scooting around on the bug scooters and laughing with one another all of a sudden Blake spotted a bird on the fence and they ran over to see it “birdie” said Taytn, we watched as the bird jumped around in the trees with his friends and was singing away, all of a sudden he disappeared and Eve called out “birdie where are you?” Hollie and Sophie copied her “birdie where are you?” they called out but he was gone. We then spotted some ants crawling in the bark Miss Katherine told the children to look with their eyes at the ant as some ants can bite. Hollie pointed to her eyes and they were fascinated watching the ant crawl up the hill “don’t touch ” said Eve. Miss Katherine asked the children where they thought the ant was going? Eve said “going to find breakfast” which was very clever, as the ant crawled up the tree and we could no longer see it Sophie started waving “Bye bye”

We are also celebrating all of the different cultures that we have in our classroom and today we celebrated Russia where Karina comes from we painted the Russian flag white blue and red! If  anyone has any special stories or songs that we can practice in your home language then please let us know!! Tomorrow we will be celebrating Japan!!!

During Yoga class with Miss Lauren everyone did a fabulous job all children were involved. Emilie participated so well as did Jasper and Karina. Charlize, Blake, Liam, Sophie, Joyce, Dylan, ming, Eve, Hollie, Taytn, Blake all are progressing so well with their poses and Sophie has seemed to claim the responsibility of telling us when yoga is finished by calling out “bye yoga” and starting to pack up everyone’s yoga mat that Miss Lauren finds very funny 😉

Thanks for a wonderful day toddlers see you all tomorrow 🙂

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