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Hello toddler 2 families welcome to Wednesday!!!

We have had another great day of learning and welcomed another new friend in Aleksander he has settled in very well and has enjoyed spending time with Blake and Taytn, they had fun with the dress ups Blake dressed up as a Zebra,  Taytn  a crocodile and Aleksander  a Tiger, all 3 of them hid in the  dress up cupboard when Miss Katherine asked Where has all of my little animal friends disappeared too,  Blake Opened up the cupboard and “raaaaaaaaaaaaa” the three of them said. Jin was busy cooking in the home corner with all of the food sorting it out onto different plates, he also did a great job at trying to complete the transport puzzle using trial and error to manipulate the pieces until they fit.

 Eve and Hannah took our new friend Charlie looking out for her and holding her hand guiding her to different activities they all loved the drawing table the best Charlie used crayons Eve used the textas and seemed to think it was funny to draw on her hands as well so Miss Katherine helped her trace her hand onto the paper and we practiced counting our fingers 1, 2, 3, 4,5 Eve and Hannah repeated.  Alex  was loving the dinosaurs today lining them up on the shelf and saying “raaaaaaaa” He also helped  Blake and Aleksander  make a farm on the mat with the blocks and placing the animals inside we discussed what animal makes what sound. “mooooooo” everyone said for the cow.  Blake  picked up another cow and said “mooooooo”.

We then had our very first fire drill, the children were fantastic and following Miss Katherine’s instructions each taking a partner to hold hands with and we sang the following the leader song to our evacuation point at the top of the garden we then discussed that it was ok and that Miss Katherine and Miss Meg would keep everyone happy and safe and we will continue to do these drills so in the very unlikely event of an emergency the children will know what to do!!

Don’t forget about our orientation night on Friday 5pm-6pm where you can come along if you are free and I can give you some information about myself and how will teach your children and the structure of a day.


Have a great night see you tomorrow!!!!

Miss Katherine and Miss Meg