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Hello and welcome to Happy Wednesday with Toddler 2 room as celebrated St Patrick’s Day and as the Irish say To be Sure To be sure !!!!!!  Miss Rochelle had set up some beautiful green shamrocks with a variety of pasta shapes. Please enjoy the photos as this was an amazing experience that the children really enjoyed. Learning about sensory skills as they used scoops to put the pasta into little green bags. So much fun. Tumble tots today for Lenny, Maxi, Pip and Birdie. Then after morning tea Miss Jeni came for Funky feet. More fun as Maddy, Manny, Lenny, Isla, Rocky, Mila, Pip, Birdie, Annie, Raffi, Hugh, Mateo, Maxi, Everly and Henry all had a wonderful time.

Before lunch we all enjoyed a puppet show with The Jack in the Boxes and Danny the Dinosaur with frogs and a snake. Great listening everyone and we all enjoyed our paste lunch. and were soon ready for a sleep ZZzz Have a lovely evening with love from Miss Sue, Miss Rochelle, Miss Aurelie and Miss Roya OXOXOXOXOXOXOX