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Hello toddler 2 families and welcome to Wednesday we have had a fabulous day! Everyone did a fantastic job during yoga class today Miss Lauren was commenting how much more confidence everyone has in attempting the poses.

During group time we practiced counting with the felt animals on the felt board Blake lead the way counting all the way up to 10 everyone else did an awesome job also!! We then showed Miss Rachael our song that Miss Katherine has been teaching us Japanese Twinkle twinkle little star, it was very cute and I’m surprised you couldn’t hear the singing from where ever you are today!

Outside a big Kurrawong bird came and sat on the fence Hollie spotted it and said “hi birdie” Eve, Liam, Sophie, Blake and Liam all then started waving “oh hi birdie” Miss Katherine mentioned that he had yellow eyes Eve pointed to her eyes and asked “I have yellow eyes?” “no “Miss Katherine replied you have beautiful blue eyes. Ming pointed to his eyes and Miss Katherine said he had lovely brown eyes. The bird then started to sing and Miss Katherine said that he was saying hello, He flew off to the tree where his friends were sitting “be careful” Holly said as she could see him balancing in the tree Miss Katherine thought that this was very cute and then everyone waved “bye birdie and Sophie and Hollie blew him kisses!!

Tatyn and Blake now have another friend to their mateship in Liam they have all played really well with one another sharing tasks out in the garden and helping each other fill up the buckets with bark.

Olivia, ScarlettJoyce, Charlize and Karina loved the story time on the mat and peppa pigs weather book seemed to be the favourite!!

Have a lovely evening see everyone tomorrow 🙂DSC00921 DSC00922 DSC00923 DSC00926 DSC00928 DSC00929 DSC00934 DSC00935 DSC00936 DSC00941 DSC00943 DSC00948

Miss  Katherine, Mr Blair and Miss Rachael