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Wednesday it’s here families!

The outdoor play was full of imagination, Adam, ChenYi, Michael, Bowie and Aubry flipped over the steppingstones and pretended it was a train, they were in them and saying: choo… choo….!

Shylie, Elsa, Emmy, Millie and Claudia play hide and seek with Miss Des’ree. They also counted and did really not looking.

Maddy, Ava and Remi got a pram and a baby and fed them with soup they made in the sandpit, they also took them for a walk around the yard.

Levi and Connor draw in the blackboard and used a spray bottle to erase their picture, they really enjoy observing how the water removes the chalk on the blackboard.

The toddlers could pick in between different activities:

  • Photo frame decoration: today was Ava, Bowie and Millie the ones that used brushes and red, green and white colour paint to decorate their frame, they also put some sprinkles to finish it. Exploring their individual creativity helps them to relax at the same time they explore their senses.
  • White playdough: we remade another batch of white playdough because the children asked for it. Adam said he wanted white snow playdough, so Ava, Alby, Shylie, Claudia, Michael, Emmy, Levi and Rafii enjoyed using their hands and the cookie cutters and Christmas stamps to manipulate the “ white snow”
  • Santa presents: today the children had the chance to check on the Santa Sac and open a present, we worked on saying “Thank you” and they did really well. All of them were very happy opening a present and discovering what was under the wrap.

Outdoor : sensory tray with ice blocks and paint: Emmy, Aubry, RAfii, Millie, Adam, Michael, Remi, Ava, Alby, Bowie and Connor really enjoyed painting the ice, when melting they started to touch and feel with their hands. It’s cold! Emmy said, Millie repeated: it’s very cold Miss Marina!

Have a great evening families and see you all tomorrow!

Miss Des’ree, Miss Dakota, Mr Lachie and Miss Marina.