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Good evening toddlers 2 families!

what a lovely setup we had in our yard this morning. the children enjoyed a wide range of activities. Miss Marina brought out a table for our friends to enjoy some drawing. this gave Emmy, Jai, Alby and Remi the chance to work on their fine motor skills.

9AM rolled around and it was time for some of our friends to head of to gymnastics. Jai, Chen-Yi and Aubry went off with Miss Kate to enjoy some tumble tots.

(group time can be linked to outcome 1:children have a strong sense of identity)

one our friends came back from gymnastics and we had all finished our morning tea, we all gathered onto the mat with Miss Dakota for a group time. we did our daily morning routine songs:

  • days of the week
  • aboriginal acknowledgment
    we are now doing activities based on the nursery rhyme hickory dickory dock. Miss dakota and the children all sang along to this song a few times together and all the children did a great job at counting to 12. the same amount of numbers on a clock
  • Miss Dakota then showed the children flash cards of our daily routine. the children sat so lovely for this part of the group time and all were very interested in learning about their day.
    Adam and Claudia would ask miss Dakota questions such as “whats next” or make comments like ” we do that at kindy”(this mornings activities can be linked to outcome 4: children are confident and involved learners)
    for activity time today we extended on our intrest in nursery rhymes and started on hickory dickory dock
  • Miss Jess did a painting activity, where the children all worked together to paint a big piece of paper for our clock. Levi,Millie and Emilia all really enjoyed doing this activity and did a great job at working together
  • Miss Dakota did a playdough experience with Shylie, Arlo and Apollon. Shylie made cupcakes, Arlo made a pizza and using the pizza slicer cut some pieces to share with his friends and Apollon made some towers.
  • Miss Desree and Miss Marina utilised our new outdoor play area. We left the door open this morning giving the children the opportunity to choose whether they wanted to play inside or out, moving to and from as the please. Michael and Aubry really enjoyed using our climbing net and using the balancing beams and stepping stones.overall it has been a lovely day in the toddlers 2 room!
    Miss Des’ree, Miss Dakota, Miss Marina and Miss Jess
Written by elctoddlers2

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