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Toddlers 2 – Wednesday 20th May 2020

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May 20, 2020 Toddlers 2 No Comments

Happy hump-day families!

Today was wet outside so we had an indoor / outdoor morning:

  • Obstacle circuit
  • Home corner
  • Magnets on table
  • Bikes
  • Little balls
  • Bowling
  • trucksAdam, Alby, Apollon, Jai, Chenyi and Arlo were playing with the trucks and going around the rockwall with them doing races. Emmy and Claudia were riding bikes and also kicking the balls at the same time. Millie and Emilia like to play with the magnets, Shylie also joined them to build a magnet tower.They like to watch the spiders and they call them Incy, Mickey always comes to tell us that Incy is moving.

This morning Miss Marina did grouptime and talked about the days of the week, Mack and Emmy guessed the day that was today and tomorrow. We also talked about the days of the week, did the aboriginal  song and sang some nursery rhymes, specially Humpty Dumpty which is the next one we are focusing on.

Mickey started signing the days of the week song and Adam sang along. Then we looked through the window and Mack said is was cloudy, Emmy said rainy and Jai told us he saw the storm last night. They all enjoy singing the aboriginal song and also the “speckle frogs” and “galum the frog”.

We used the feltboard for the Humpty Dumpty song and the children ask Miss Marina to do it again, and again, and again. They well behaved and listened nicely.Indoor we did some art, we paint the wall with blocks and bubble warp and also we painted the window blue with brushes for our Speckle frogs lake.

  • We combined with outdoor play in the climbing net.Alby really enjoyed painting the window and Emilia as well, Chenyi, Adam and Mack loved banging the table with the wooden blocks to paint the wall and all of them had a turn outside climbing the net. They really enjoy climbing.



See you all tomorrow.


Miss Des’ree, Miss Dakota & Miss Marina

Written by elctoddlers2

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