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Hello beautiful families,

The children had a wonderful day in Toddlers 2 today with again lots of activities and fun plays with their friends. This morning in the yard the children liked to play in the sand pit baking cakes. They also had the choices between many activities like hurdle obstacles, Dinosaurs, bouncy dragons, bikes, lawn mowers, and Jungle gym. The jungle gym looked a bit different today and was a great excitement for the children. We covered the bridge with a big blanket and it created a tunnel. The children loved it and were all sitting under.

Then some of our friends went to the gym while we went inside to have the morning tea, a delicious raw slice with dates and coconut and some fruits. Once the children started to pack away their food, they were able to explore and self-select from our shelves and play spaces over the morning with activities including, train table and train tracks, home corner, book and literacy area… We carried on on the Anzac activity from yesterday as well offered by Miss Sue. Miss Sue and the children glued the poppies on the paper plate they painted yesterday while Miss Aurelie painted new plates with the children. They were laughing, saying “Tickles!”, “How funny !”.

Miss Jenny came into the room to dance with the children then we had a little play outdoor and Miss Sue did a group time practicing the colors and read the brown Bear book.

Thank you so very much for a beautiful day

Miss Sue, Miss Rochelle and Miss Aurelie.