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Hello Toddler 2 families and welcome to Wednesday!! This morning we were treated to a beautiful sunrise following last nights gorgeous sunset, Eve was the first one to arrive so she sat with Miss Katherine at the table and breakfast together honey toast Miss Katherine was telling Eve that Hunny makes you funny and she was repeating it after her, they sat and admired the view and named all of the different colours in the sky that they could see.

When our other friends arrived we headed outside for a play everyone was loving the obstacle course Sophie was becoming very confident insisting that she could balance herself as was Scarlett and Emilie. Liam was having fun with Dylan, Ming and Blake on the scooter cars they were zooming up and down the path near the kitchen having a great time!!

Georgina, Charlize, Olivia and Hollie were busy in the mud kitchen tipping all of the bark into different containers and then mixing it all together in the large bowls.

Inside we were talking about the state of origin game on tonight (GO QUEENSLAND) so Miss Katherine mixed up some paint to make a maroon colour which was red, orange, purple and white Eve, Hollie, Georgina and Olivia were the only ones that wanted to help paint the paper which was ok, we used cotton balls and paintbrushes.

It was then time for yoga class with Miss Lauren, not everyone was into yoga today so they had a play outside while the others that did want to participate could.

Thanks for a lovely day toddlers, see you tomorrow GO QUEENSLAND!!!!!!!!!

Miss Katherine, Miss Sue and Miss Thea XXX