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Hello Toddlers and welcome to another fun day of learning with Miss Katherine and Miss Meg. We welcome our new friend Jasper who has had a great first day he loved cuddles with Miss Katherine and Miss Meg when he was missing his mummy and daddy which was great showing that he is building bonds with his educators. Great first day  Jasper!!!!

We began the morning outside, Taytn and Blake were exploring the garden picking up sticks and leaves and watching the birds in the trees ”ooooooh” said Taytn  pointing to the birds “birdie” said  Blake. Aleks then arrived and loved climbing on the obstacle course he stood at the top and then jumped to the bottom he clapped his hands smiling.

We then headed inside for a delicious morning tea of summer fruits “watermelon watermelon” said Hannah as she gobbled it all up we then sang a song about fruit” watermelon, watermelon I love you love watermelon” We also discussed the importance of eating healthy foods lots of fruits and vegetables to make our bodies big and strong.

We then went off to explore our areas of interest in the classroom, Hannah went straight to the cupboard that had the paint pots in it “painting” said Hannah she decided that she wanted blue and orange paint Aleks found some paddle pop sticks and wanted to paint with them he loved dipping the paddle pop sticks into the paint and then making patterns on the paper with them. Jin and Charlize loved the home corner Jin was very busy sorting out the food putting it in the pots and pans and shaking them up while Charlize was looking after the babies patting them to sleep on the blankets.

Taytn and Blake were the best of friends today hiding in the dress up cupboard “where is Taytn and Blake Miss Katherine said “boo” said Blake as he popped his head out of the cupboard.

Eve arrived a little later in the morning she had been at SeaWorld!! She was very excited to tell her friends what she had seen there “Elmo” she said.  Miss Katherine asked if she saw some dolphins or fish Eve nodded her head “mummy daddy”.

We then had a well-earned rest after a delicious lunch!!

Parents: we now have a communication book located on the desk where you sign in, if you don’t see me in the morning when you are dropping your child off your child and wish to let me know anything specific for child please write it in the book!  We hope that you are having a great day see you this afternoon.

Miss Katherine and Miss Meg