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Hello beautiful families,

The day started by a play indoor that lasted longer than usual this morning due to the rain. The children had time to play and move their body in the net by climbing up and down. Lots of jumpind, bouncing, running followed by laughs and smiles. They loved it. It was awesome to see their interests for our new toys, little wooden boards with a coloured window in the middle, so they can see life in red, green, yellow or blue. We also built a railway for the wooden train while other children were drawing inside.

We went in the yard for a quick play before morning tea. They chased the bubbles as our bubbles machine was turned on, they bounced on our little dragons and the fort is always the place they all meet. Some of our children went to the gym then while we were going back inside to get ready for the morning tea. Once everybody had finished, the children helped me to set up the activity and we were all ready to paint. The children did an amazing job to cover with paint the whole cardboard. Fast and precise job and it was all over!! What a team!

The children also enjoyed playing in the home corner, and with the farm’s animals. They were pushing the trucks and the school bus around the room when Miss Jeni knocked at the door and our room transformed to a big dancefloor. Lots of new great moves to learn and discovering new songs as well. The children loved it and said all joined to say a big thank you to miss Jeni before she leaves. What a blast we had today.

Thank you all very much for your great energy.

Miss Rochelle, Miss Maya and Miss Aurelie