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Good afternoon to all of our wonderful families and welcome to our wonderful Wednesday!


Our daily planned activities began with Miss Jeni from Funky Feet arriving to begin our Wednesday dance class, today Miss Jeni brought in some fun maracas for the children to explore music, movement and rhythm, Manny, Isla, Everly, Madelyn, Annie. Max, Archie, and Henry all really demonstrated a lot of energy and enthusiasm as they were shaking the maracas with big smiles. Miss Jeni also practiced one on one with the children attempting forward rolls. After our dancing session was complete, we were able to continue with our Easter craft, Annie, Henry and Everly were invited to continue with their Easter gift projects. For the rest of us that have already completed these projects were continued to work on our sustainable Eiffel tower project, carefully painting more egg cartons ready to put aside to begin our construction phase, Madelyn, Isla, Manny, Everly, Lenny, Rafii, Annie, Rocky, and Archie all contributed today towards this amazing project. So much fun today in our home corner and cubby area with Pip, Birdie and Archie all engaging in role play, taking care of our pretend babies and Easter bunny!

As our French journey continues today new posters with French texts have been placed in our classroom with corresponding pictures as another way to expose our children to this wonderful culture, Henry was very quick to spot the French poster displaying a cow “vache” Miss Aurelie helped Henry to practice this word.

Wishing you all a fantastic evening, and we look forward to seeing you all tomorrow for more toddler 2 learning adventures!

Miss Sue, Miss Aurelie and Miss Rochelle xoxo