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Toddlers 2 – Wednesday 25th January 2017

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Our Day….

Its  Australia day tomorrow and the toddlers have been embracing the aussie culture all day, for activity time we did dot painting on an Australian turtle, during our group time we acknowledged our native culture by doing a special greeting then to sum up the day Miss Alisha prepared a show!

We had a special show on for all the toddlers, Miss Alisha performed a beautiful aboriginal show to help the children embrace our native culture. The silent show captivated the toddlers and peaked their interest enough for them to join in!

Miss Alisha demonstrated a child’s curiosity in the world she showed the children how to explore rocks, feathers, sticks and the environment that was open to them.

During Miss Alisha’s show she showed the children how to make face paint by grinding rocks and adding water to create a coloured liquid

After applying the paint to  herself some of the children approached Alisha curious and interested in the face paint she made. Avian, Sophie, Penny, Isabel, Olivia and Marley were very excited to get their very own cultural mark from Miss Alisha. Thank you!

over all its been a greatday in the toddlers room!

Miss Des’ree ,Miss Zara and Miss Stacey

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