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Hello Toddler 2 families we hope that you have had a great day and keeping dry in this autumn weather we have had a very busy day today with lots of friends coming to play and learn. We welcome our new friend Olivia who has joined us for her first day and she has settled in fabulously she got straight into playing in the home corner exploring her surroundings!!

Miss Sue again did a lovely group with the children as she is getting to know all of the children’s names Eve was saying “good morning Miss Sue” when she asked all of the children to say good morning.

Karina was having a great time with the stickers and taking them off the book to stick onto her page.

We had yoga with Miss Lauren this morning and all of the children were very excited to see her “yoga” said Hannah and Eve and they went to get their yoga mats, Sophie wanted to help to and let everyone know about it the girls did a great job helping their other friends find their yoga mats. We practiced our yoga breathing in and out while holding our special feathers so that we could see our breath moving the feather as we inhaled and exhaled. Jasper, Sophie, Ming, Blake, Hannah, Eve, Lennox, Sophie and Joyce all blew their feathers. We then practiced the different yoga poses Sophie, Eve, Ming, Jasper all did a fantastic job and balancing on the yoga poses as did everyone else as the photos will show you!!
We have also been practicing our colours and the alphabet and all of the children are beginning to comprehend matching colours with other objects, Blake was great at naming all of the colours on the felt board.

We then had a delicious beef stew for lunch and a well-earned rest !!

Have a wonderful night see everyone tomorrow 🙂

Miss Katherine, Miss Sue and Mr BlairDSC00505 DSC00508 DSC00509 DSC00510 DSC00511 DSC00518 DSC00524 DSC00526 DSC00534 DSC00535