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Hello beautiful Families


This morning we welcomed our friends into our yard with lots of music, Miss Parisa invited the children to sit on our veranda area and create music with our instruments. The children had a wonderful time singing songs and using the instruments to explore the different sounds they could make. Children were also encouraged to explore and use a variety of self-select options as a blank canvas to start their day of adventure!

  • Sand Pit Play
  • Jungle Gym
  • Hurdle Obstacles
  • Dinosaurs
  • Building Blocks
  • Bikes and Bouncy Dragons
  • Lawn Mowers
  • A variety of Bouncy Balls

We then sat outdoors in the fresh autumn air with our friends from toddlers 1 and sang some songs to get us moving, we used songs to encourage movement and actions, we sang a song to get us jumping, we used our numeracy skills to sing 5 little ducks and a class favourite head shoulders knees and toes to learn about ourselves. After this amazing group time we came back inside to enjoy the morning tea, a selection of fresh delicious fruits and a rawsome slice with coconut and dates.


For the activity this morning,  our focus was again nature based, our children were able to investigate, explore and use items that they had collected from our outdoor garden and yard. Today using a sensory nature-based provocation activity to get our imaginations working, yellow play doh was available on the table along with our big collection of autumn leaves and treasures that we had collected from outside, children were then able to use these materials in their own imaginative way. The children’s interest quickly became to make balls with the playdough.  They also make birthday cakes using stick as candles. As children moved freely from the activity, they were able to self-select from our shelves and play spaces throughout the morning from the following activities.

  • Wooden train table
  • Home corner
  • Book and literacy area
  • Cars and trucks
  • Threading boards

Our second group time commenced at 11am with some dancing, today exploring the sounds of the didgeridoo, children were encouraged to interpret and move to the music as they listened. Today we read a musical story, Row Row Row your boat, this story had an Australian theme, as we read the pages each verse contained Australian animals. The children laughed very loudly as they imitated the kookaburra. We also read There was an Old Lady who Swallowed A Fly, another rhyming song-based book which captivated the children’s imagination with many contributing verbally their different thoughts and feelings about what they could see and hear from the pages. Our group time ended with our class collectively practicing our handwashing song together then moving into the bathroom to wash our hands to get ready for our lunch

Thank you so much everyone for a amazing day

Have a great evening with your family

Miss Rochelle, Miss Parisa and Miss Aurelie