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Hello Toddlers 2 families welcome to Wednesday! We have had a very busy day of fun and learning with Miss Katherine and Miss Meg. We welcome our new friend Liam today who has settled in really well starting to develop friendships with his peers, He loved outside time in the big yard climbing on the fort all the way up to the top and waving at the top of the window. Sophie also enjoyed being in the outdoors looking at the herb garden and touching the plants, when it began to rain she held her hands up in the air feeling the raindrops fall on her hands.

After a yummy morning tea we headed inside to do some messy play as  Eve, Hannah, Jasper, Blake and  Aleks have been loving the painting that we have been doing, this morning we all participated in a group activity in making Goop, using cornflour, water and food colouring we chose red and Blue, using 2 separate buckets we tipped in the corn flour and then slowly added the water, everyone had a turn at mixing it through Hannah, Sophie, Eve, Aleks, Jasper and Blake had a great time feeling goop run through their fingers Hannah and  Eve started clapping their hands together while they were covered in goop and thought that it was hillarious as the goop splashed over their faces as they clapped.

Alex was having a great time with the train set again he sat there and tried to connect all the tracks together by himself, Liam approached him and picked up some of the trains and started to push them along the track “car” said Alex.

Taytn was interested in the Blocks sitting on the mat with Aleks they stacked the blocks up as high as they could until it came crashing down to the ground.

Thanks for a fun day toddlers see you tomorrow!

Miss Katherine and Miss Meg J