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Hello and Welcome to another Happy day with the toddler 2 room. The children were happy to see Miss Aurelie back from her little walking holiday in the mountains. We are all getting very excited as the Easter Bunny will soon be here and that can mean lot’s of chocolate!!!!! This morning Miss Rochelle had set up a very special Easter activity with Easter stickers and a big oval shape to put them on. Please enjoy the photos and more fun with Miss Jenni and Funky Feet. Today we were Bunnies . Isla, Henry, Annie, Manny, Pip ,Birdie, Archie, Mateo, Rocky, Rafii and Maxi had so much fun  with Miss Jenni doing the funky feet moves.

Before lunch Miss Melina joined us as we did the Macerana and the Chicken dance and ended with the Hokey Pokey. At group time we took turns with the finger puppets as we were learning about counting. Five Little Pandas, Five Little Turtles and Five Little Chickens with Five little Bees. Please enjoy the photos.

Have a lovely evening with love from Miss Sue, Miss Rochelle and Miss Aurelie OXXOXOXOXOXOXOXO STAY SAFE OXOXOXXOXOXO