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Our Day…


We have had a beautiful day in Junior Kindy this morning we decided to let the children play a little longer before coming in for morning tea. Outside Eve and Taytn explored the new herb garden Taytn pick the purple basil feeling it with his fingers and smelling it with his nose, Eve picked the mint herb smelling it before she tasted the mint leaves; she liked it so much she went back for more.

 Today we expanded on Eve’s interest in bunnies at group we sang “hop little bunnies hop, hop, hop “Eve, Hannah, Taytn and Blake loved hopping and participating in the action songs to follow that up the children also did a bunny paintings Hannah asked for the colour blue and eve asked for the colour yellow.

Good work girls! On the mat at activity time Jin and Alex liked making car tracks out of blocks and running the cars on them.  We have had a beautiful and busy day in Junior Kindy!