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Toddlers 2 – Wednesday 4th December 2019

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December 4, 2019 Toddlers 2 No Comments

Hello families,


 Today we had a really fun day, outside we were playing hide and seek and running from Miss Marina, then we got some water bottles and we spray the plants and ourselves because it was so hot, we also sand some songs before going inside for morning tea, we washed our hands and we sat down at the table. Miss Shaz joined us for morning tea and also for group time, we had so much fun with her and we play Jumping over the candle stick, then we did some threading at the table with penne and ribbon, we also play with playdough and confetti and we played outside in the climbing net. Then we all packed away and lay down on the mats to have some relaxation, with relaxing music, low lights, closing our eyes and feeling the feathers on our skin we enjoyed pizza for lunch as well as salad bar before moving to our beds to have a much needed rest. Thanks you for a great day toddler two see you tomorrow

Love Miss Elizabeth, Miss Sarah, Miss Marina and Miss Stacey

Written by elctoddlers2

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