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Hello Toddler 2 families and welcome to Wednesday! We have had a very busy day of fun and learning today. We started the morning off outside as the weather was amazing we could smell all of the autumn leaves and watched the birds get some nectar from the flowers. Eve, Blake and Dylan were all looking up the bird fascinated by the colours on the lorikeet Miss Katherine asked what colours they could see on the bird  Blake  said “green” just then a big school bus drove by Liam called out “BUUUUSSSS” and was excitedly waving at it.

Charlize, Lennox, Sophie, Emilie and  Blake were chasing the balls around the yard, Mr Nick was doing some gardening and thought he would join in on the fun and started throwing the balls up onto the shade sail and then children watched as it went rolling down the shade sail and bounced onto the grass.

Inside during group time it appears I have my job back as  Eve  and Hannah were happy being students today and not being the teacher, Eve asked for her favourite song 5 cheeky monkeys. Miss Sue read us some lift the flap books to try and find the cheeky missing puppy “oh dear” the children said when they saw the cheeky puppy.

Hannah went and had a visit in the junior kindy room as she is transitioning to that class and was very happy for the morning and then came back for rest time, while Hannah was having a visit in the junior kindy room we had another little visitor in Josef he is transitioning to our class from the Babies room, he had a great time playing with Emilie with the trains.It was then time for Yoga class with Miss Lauren the children were very happy to see her running up to her and giving her cuddles, Sophie, Eve, Blake, Ming, Dylan and Jasper were helping give out the yoga mats to their friends While doing this he told us that he had some “things” in his bag that he wanted to show us so we saw superman before yoga. Sophie was running the show telling Miss Lauren what yoga poses she wanted “up and down” monkey monkey she said Miss Lauren thought that it was very funny. Karina was happy to watch the yoga class today but seemed interested in the different yoga poses. We then practiced some yoga breathing “in and out” for some weird reason the children thought that this was hilarious today  Eve, Dylan, Liam, Jasper, Sophie, Ming and Lennox were laughing hysterically when ever Miss Lauren said breathe out. It was very funny and cute to see all of the children so involved and happy in their environment! Thanks for a great day toddlers see you tomorrow J

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