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Happy Wednesday!

This morning the children explored the toys in the room while they waited for their friends to arrive. Alby, Michael, Bowie and Emmy enjoyed playing with the wooden blocks and built “tall towers”. At 8am the children ventured outside to soak up the warm sun. Levi found the closest bike and rode around the yard. Rafi explored the fort and said hello to his brother over the fence. Millie, Emmy, Bowie, Claudia, Alby and Shylie participated in face painting and watched Miss Des’ree create Christmas faces. Adam, Ava, Maddie, Elsa and Connor played in the sandpit and used shovels and buckets to get creative in the sand.

(LO1.3.8  Children celebrate and share their contributions and achievements with others. LO22.1.11 are playful and respond positively to others, reaching out for company and friendship. Child initiated)

Group time:

At 9:45 Miss Jen our dance teacher came into the room to show the children how to express themselves through movement. We closed the curtains and turned off the lights to do light dancing with the glow ribbons. All the children participated in this activity and enjoyed dancing to Christmas songs. After dance class the children sat nicely for Miss Marina who started the group time with:

  • Days of the week
  • Aboriginal acknowledgment
  • Christmas songs

After our routine the children transitioned to an activity of their choice.

(LO5.1.1 engage in enjoyable interactions using verbal and non-verbal language. Teacher initiated)


Activity time:

For activity time the children moved around the room selecting the activities they were interested.

  • Home corner: Maddy, Chen yi, Connor, Ava, Shylie and Elsa roll played from the house to the cook top, then to the pantry filled with bottled dried food.
  • Outdoor climbing and obstacle course: we combined indoor and outdoor play so they could go in and out of the room freely, Millie, Aubry, Claudia, Adam and Alby enjoyed the climbing up and down the net while, Rafi, Maddie, Michael and Connor played on the mini obstacle course
  • At the table inside Michael, Adam, Shylie, Elsa, Alby, Levi, Bowie and Remi loved decorating the Christmas trees with bulbs and tinsel as they but the ornaments on their tree the children sung Christmas carols
  • At another table Ava, Michael, Bowie, Levi, Remi, Shylie, Elsa, Claudia, Emmy and Connor decorated Christmas bulbs. To encourage the children’s fine motor skills Miss Des’ree added tongs to the glitter and encouraged the children to use the utensil to grab the fine material. The children enjoyed the challenge and persevered with the task. Well done


(LO3.1.4 seek out and accept new challenges, make new discoveries, and celebrate their own efforts and achievements and those of others

LO4.1.7 persevere and experience the satisfaction of achievement. 4.1.8 persist even when they find a task difficult. Teacher and child initiated)


Overall we enjoyed our day at kindy 😊 hope to see you all tomorrow.

Miss Des’ree, Miss Dakota and Miss Marina.