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Hello beautiful families,

Although a little gloomy outdoors this morning we made the most of the dry weather while we could, our children were invited to come into the yard for a fun morning of exploration with lots of our favourite activities available!

  • Sand pit play, with buckets, spades, and utensils
  • Small hurdles and balance beams to promote our gross motor development
  • Musical instruments area on the T1 veranda area for musical creativity and fun
  • Big dinosaurs for our friends with big imaginations
  • Lawn mowers
  • Bikes
  • A variety of bouncy balls

A busy morning had been prepared for us today with children working towards completing their special Mother’s Day craft projects, without giving away too many clues our children carefully worked away on their gifts placing their own unique touches on their little masterpieces! We also made available all our classroom play spaces and shelves for all our friends to explore at will and for alternative choices to our planned art activity helping to promote our children’s sense of agency and to foster individual interests, these options included:

  • Puzzles
  • Home corner
  • Book and literacy area
  • Cars and trucks
  • Threading boards

Miss Jeni from Funky Feet returned to us today for our weekly dance class, today Miss Jeni had selected many songs that included movement through acting out animal actions e.g., hop little bunny, we had very enthusiastic dancers today with most of our class choosing to participate.

We began our group time at 11am today, we got started with some fun dancing, first practicing to our chicken dance, practicing our actions to the song and showing our new friends which are transitioning to our classroom how to chicken dance! 🙂 we then moved to our green mat ready for Miss Sue to read some special stories to us, but before we began our stories, we first practiced our routine songs, Good Morning Song and Days of the Week. Miss Sue had some special Mother’s Day stories for us, the titles were Spot loves his Mum, Kiss Kiss, I love Mum with the very hungry caterpillar.

Thank you very much for a beautiful rainy day.

Lots of love,

Miss Sue, Miss Rochelle and Miss Aurelie