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Hello beautiful families and welcome to Toddlers 2 room!

The yard was still too wet this morning to be able to enjoy it, but the children had a great play inside! They get used to it now!! We had a slow cruisy morning, For the ones who arrived earlier they had fun with their friends from Toddlers 1. They liked pushing the trucks through the room and playing with the wooden trains and rails. They spent some time in the book corner and enjoyed watching the weather by the window.

Once all our friends arrived, we had a nice morning and Miss Sue sang Happy Birthday with the children to Miss Aurelie. For the occasion Miss Sue found her CD of French music that we listened almost the whole morning. Then it was perfect to introduce the following activity. The children did a collage :”France is for me…”. They had to choose between different stickers that represents France. The children had fun doing it and created 2 or more cards for some.

They also had a free play in the room. They were using the colored wooden board to play with the magnets on the white board. They like to see the magnets with different colors. Miss Aurelie was invited in the home corner to eat some” ice cream” with the children. One was sharing the ice cream, another one was serving the sprinkles and another one the chocolate sauce. We had a great moment around the table sharing food.

Thank you so much for today


Miss sue, Miss Parisa and Miss Aurelie