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Hello and welcome to Happy Wednesday for more adventures with the toddler 2 room as we had lot’s of fun exploring  more of our new environment. Please enjoy the photos. Today we said Hello to some new friends who have joined us for their first day. Outdoors it was very warm and we were very happy to sing along with Miss Rochelle and Miss Parisa before we all enjoyed our morning tea in the air con. After we had packed away our morning tea dishes we sat for a Monkey puppet show where we met Miss Polly and the Rainbow monkey with the Crocodile and other cheeky monkeys including the Pirate monkey Great listening everyone you were all amazing. Zac, Hugh, Birdie, Pip, Maddy, Ava, Masato, Archie, Rocky, Maxi, Isla, Luna, Arianna, Summer, Lenny, Annie and Emmanuel.

On the tables we had up the pirate treasure with scoops and rocks that later Lenny helped to pack away thank you. The egg cups and pompoms with spoons encouraged fine motor skills. On another table the baby dolls were very popular with the baby feeding bottles and dolls clothes. Isla really enjoyed this role playing activity.  Miss Aurille took some of our friends for a play on the nets. Miss Cindy also joined us today and the mat was a very busy area as the children sat building with lego blocks and connectors. As the music played some of our favourite songs we began to relax and then it was time for some quiet stories before we ate our yummy burgers. Thank you everyone for a wonderful day filled with love, laughter and learning.  Have a lovely evening with love from Miss Sue, Miss Rochelle and Miss Aurielle OXOXOXXOXOXOXOOX