Happy Wednesday!
This morning the children went outside and enjoyed the warmth of the sun. in the yard Adam and Mikey explored the tomato patch and found a few green tomatoes hanging from the vine. Mikey said “I have a strawberry patch at home and it has 10 strawberries on it”, “its green which means its not ready” said Adam. Remi and Emmy enjoyed a tasty breakfast and conversed over their meals. Chen yi, Aubry, and Alby played with he trucks and rode them around the yard picking up leaves, sticks and rocks as they travelled. Claudia, Millie, Maddy, Bowie and Levi enjoyed cuddles from their educators and discussed Christmas presents. Elsa and Shylie as always played with the babies and prams. At 9am Remi, Alby, Rafii, Ava and Aubry went to gymnastics to exercise their gross motor and fine motor muscles.
For group time today we grouped together on the mat outside. Miss Des’ree started with:
– Aboriginal acknowledgment
– Days of the week
– Good morning greeting
Before dance we finished up with the song ‘roll the bobbin up’.
Miss Jen kept our friends active with Christmas songs and encouraged the children to keep moving their bodies to feel the festive music. After our dance class Miss Marina offered the children a variety of activities. All the toddlers gravitated to the table activities.
Inside Miss Marina did a science experiment with Mikey, Adam, Claudia, Bowie and Chen -yi the toddlers started off with a plate of milk, next, Miss Marina added food colouring to their bowl and for the next magical part each child was given a cotton tip dipped in detergent. As the toddlers touched the wet mixture with the cotton tip the children were mazed with the dancing colours. Ava, Shylie, Elsa, Remi, Levi and Rafii observed the commotion and were ecstatic when it was their turn.
Outside Miss Dakota offered water paint for the children to experiment with and Emmy, Alby, Rafii, Millie, Maddy, Chen yi, Claudia, Aubry and Connor loved mixing the colours together to produce a new set of colours.

Over all its been a wonderful day, thank you to all our beautiful families for the wonderful gifts we are truly feeling blessed this Christmas season,
Lots of appreciation and love,
Miss Des’ree, Miss Marina, Miss Dakota and Mr Lachie