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Hello Toddlers and welcome to a wonderful Wednesday!! We welcomed our new friend Liam back again and he has settled in lovely as has Jasper.

This morning during group time we discussed the weather with our interactive weather chart Hannah and Eve were very interested in it eve repeated after Miss Katherine that it was “Wednesday” and that the month was “march”  Blake was also repeating the months and days of the week. Miss Katherine asked everyone to look out the big window and tell her what the weather was doing “is it raining”? Miss Katherine asked “no its gone away” replied Jasper. Hannah said”it’s a bit sunny”. Alex looked out the window and said “sunny” “yayyy”.

We then sang our favourite songs lead by Eve and Hannah who sang the abc song and old macdonald had a farm, when Miss Katherine asked what animal was on the farm Blake said “duck” Alex and Taytn started saying quack quack quack.

We then went off to find our areas of interest Jin went and started to make a big block tower and stacked all of the square blocks on top of each other Blake came and sat next to him with Taytn and they started to help Jin when the block tower fell down they sat looking at each other, Jin started to make the tower again.’

Eve picked up the animal basket and picked out one big elephant and one small elephant she held up the big elephant and said “big aphant” then held up the little one and said “lil aphant”, she then held up the big one and said “mummy” then held the little one and said “evie”

Sophie, Jasper, Eve and Taytn were busy at the drawing table, Sophie was handing out all of the texta’s to her friends Eve picked up a yellow one and said “yellow”and then began drawing small little circles on her page. Jasper then picked up a green texta green one” he said then picked up a purple one “purple” he said. Sophie and Taytn were sharing the same page and colouring together. Liam was playing with the bead frames he used his hands to move the beads one by one around the wire. Over in the home corner Blake was counting with the coins from the cash register 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 he counted.We then enjoyed a lovely picnic lunch outside with the other toddler class and had delicious pizza!! We all sat together eating and chatting with one another before coming inside for a well earned rest!!  

Thanks for a fun day Miss Katherine and Miss Tara