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Hello and a very warm welcome to another enjoyable day in the toddler 2 room.We have been having lots of fun outdoors reading stories and singing along to welcome the children and learn about the days of  the week and colours.Thank you Emilie for bringing in your book about colours,we love the rainbow colour song.Tatyn we really loved your dinosaur shirt and shoes we read a favourite dinosaur story and will extend with dinosaur painting.Yoga was very popular and their are some amazing moves look out for tTREE Enjoy your photos.Thank you Miss Katherine for the stickers that we had lots of fun with.Karina enjoyed eating her lunch today well done .Olivia spent time with the coloured.blocks .Scarlett enjoyed the grouptime with the crocodile and cheeky monkeys counting and lots of laughing Sophie and Eve with all the group taking part and interactions was a very  enjoyable morning friendships and connections building relationships between children and educators.HAVE A LOVELY EVENING WITH YOUR FAMILIES SEE YOU SOON.DSC00790 DSC00791 DSC00793 DSC00794 DSC00795 DSC00796 DSC00800 DSC00802 DSC00803 DSC00807 DSC00809 DSC00811 DSC00812 DSC00814 DSC00815 DSC00816