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Our day…

What a wonderful day we have had in the toddlers room with our friends Matthias, Dylan, Chloe, Hollie, Billy, Mia, Amber, Arden and Lucas.

We all enjoyed a big play outside with Mia requesting some bubbles. Mia did a great job at helping Miss Jade blow the bubbles. Lucas found the trough with water and was kept busy splashing and getting all wet!!!

During group time Miss Jo was very impressed with how well some of the toddlers did at singing along to the songs. Billy, Mia, Hollie and Lucas did a great job at singing along to songs they knew. Miss Jo acknowledged this verbally and gave them each a high five.

There was a lot of cooperative play taking place during activity time as we followed up on the children’s interest in trucks and brought the trucks inside for free play. Hollie, Mia, Billy, Matthias and Dylan all followed each other around the classroom as they pushed the trucks around the yard.

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Miss Jo set up a learning activity for the toddlers at the table using a variety of puzzles. There were lots of different themed puzzles for the toddler to use and Miss Jo sat at the table to encouraged problem-solving, persistence and sharing. Hollie used the farm puzzle and began to make all the different animal noises of the puzzle pieces she picked up. Billy used the dinosaur puzzle and did a great job at matching the pieces to the pictures on the board. His friend Arden found one of the dinosaur pieces and Miss Jo said to him, ‘ta for Billy’. Arden was a great friend and offered the piece to Billy. Amber used the transport puzzle and as she placed the pieces to the corresponding pictures she would make different engine noises.

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We hope all our families have a wonderful weekend with their beautiful children.
Miss Jo and Miss Des’ree

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