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Good Afternoon Families and Happy Friday!

Thank you for another great week at the Hills! We would just like to point out how proud we are of the children, for putting up with this wet and rainy weather for the past two weeks! It was so much fun to finally be able to play outside in the sunshine today!

Miss Aimee was absent again today, so we had the pleasure of Miss Ione join us again! Thank you for all your hard work today Miss Ione.

This morning we spent our time jumping up and down on the wobbly bridge, yelling hello and laughing at our friends and teachers. We also spent lots of time in the new sandpit, enjoyed the fresh new sand. It’s so soft!

We had an extended play outside this morning until 9:45am, then Miss Sue took us inside for a combine group time! We enjoyed watching and singing along to puppets and stories. Thank you Miss Sue!

When our friends arrived back from Gymnastics, it was morning tea time for all. This morning we enjoyed some delicious baked beans and Turkish bread. It was so yummy!

We have been making the most of our indoor/outdoor environments lately and today we explored a rice sensory trough as an extension from yesterdays rice interest. The black flat trough was offered with blue and pink sand. The children used recycled washing powder scoops, serving trays and spoons to transfer the sand. We made a big mess, but boy was it fun!

Throughout the morning, children also came inside in small groups to continue with their Easter Craft! A reminder that we have our Easter picnic in the park fast approaching in just under 2 weeks. We will be holding an Easter celebration at Benowa Park between 3:30-4:30pm. Easter fun and games will be on offer and a special someone will be visiting us with some Easter treats… I wonder who it could be…

Another reminder that we have started collecting donations for our Easter Raffle. Every class participates, and each child is given a raffle book which they can purchase for a small amount of money. Once all the tickets have been purchased, we ask all families to donate a small gift that we can add to our Easter hamper that will then be raffled off at the Easter celebration. If every family donates a gift, our Easter basket will be amazing! We thank you for your co-operation in advance.

For lunch today we enjoyed some delicious Sushi bowls, with all the children asking for seconds, even thirds!

It was then time for a well-deserved rest before another exciting afternoon outside enjoying the sunshine!

Thank you for a fabulous week Toddlers, we hope you have a great weekend! Don’t forget, if you do something exciting, we would love to hear and see about it, so please write it down or send in pictures! Thank you (:

Lots of love,

Miss Stacey and Miss Ione x