Jingeri Jimbelung Families and welcome to Friday the 1st of October! We can’t believe were already in the 10th month of the year.

The weather held off this morning and we were able to have a play outside.

This morning we enjoyed playing tiggy with Miss Stacey, running around the yard chasing one another laughing and giggling away! This was a great way to burn some energy with our physical skill abilities!

The sandpit was very popular this morning as the sand was a little damp. Making it perfect for building sandcastles. This was a great sensory, messy experience and all the children loved getting their hands dirty! How fun!

During this morning’s group time we asked the children what they were going to be doing on the weekend. There’s a lot of playing, jumping, dancing and hanging out with mummies and daddies!

For morning tea we enjoyed some delicious natural yoghurt with chocolate chips as a special Friday treat! We made sure we were making healthy options and paired it with some delicious banana and mango. We’re so excited that it’s mango season again!

For our planned learning experiences today, we allowed the children to choose activities they wanted to extend upon. Here is what we offered today:

  • Name Flashcards – The children have been working hard to identify either their name or letters in their name. The children get so excited when they see their name and love showing it off to one another. Jack was so excited when he identified his name and he went around to all his friends saying, “I’m Jack!” Leah also identified her name and the two made a connection showing that both their names have four letters in them.
  • Alphabet Threading – This activity focuses on hand-eye co-ordination and letter identification. We allowed the children to thread the beads independently today and observed as the children demonstrated team work and sharing behaviours to share the beads around. Much to our surprise, Kobe, Charli, Isla and Jack extended further and found our Halloween letter alphabet and laid it flat on the floor. These children then started matching the colours of the beads to the letters on the alphabet poster. Charli would ask her friends “What colour is this??” and the children would reply, then would place the bead on the matching coloured letter. This was so amazing to observe.
  • Free Expression Drawing – Isla, Elsie and Haruto all asked for drawing at the table today. We spent the morning drawing circles, and pictures for our mummies and daddies, building upon our fine motor skill abiltiies. Isla, Kobe, Elsie and Charli also attempted writing letters and learning to trace. Well done you guys this is such a fabulous achievement.

After a busy morning, Miss Brittney and Miss Kiki took the children outside for some fresh air whilst Miss Stacey, Leah, Alexander and Olivia helped to make the beds and set up lunch. Miss Brittney led the children to the net where they pretended they were on a boat. The children participated in dramatic play pretending the boat was rocking from side to side and watching the big waves crash.

It was time for lunch! Today we were treated to some delicious nachos and salad bar. This is by far one of our favourite meals of the week. The children always ask for seconds.

It was then time for a well deserved rest.

When we woke up we individually packed our sheets away and put our sheets in our bags ready to go home. We ate our afternoon tea then headed back outside before the rain came back! Lots of beautiful play scenarios were being observed this afternoon, such as Oivia, Leah, Elsie and Isla all participating in dramatic play, where they would use the pretend camera to take photos of one another and share the play wallet to go to the shops. The travelled over to Kobe and Georgie where they were busy in the mud kitchen making cakes and would sell the cakes to their friends with the pretend wallet. Alexander would then take some of the cakes and dump them into his dump truck, pushing it across to the other side of the sandpit. What a fabulous time!

Thankyou for a great week toddies, and we can’t wait to see you all again next week!

A reminder that we go live on explor next week and Monday is a public holiday. SO please take the time over the weekend to download the app and make yourself familiar with the new portal! We cannot wait.

Have the best long weekend and lots of love,

Miss Stacey and Miss Brittney x